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About Us

Hi everyone - my name is Jessi, the owner of 'Moonfire & Silver'

I've had a life-long love of all things artsy and craftsy, with my main passions being sewing and film photography (particularly black-and-white).

In 2017, I decided to open a store called 'Witchcraft by Jessi' on Etsy selling stickers, after I had become passionate about planning. I wanted to share the stickers I had created with other planner-nuts out there who might find benefit or enjoyment from my designs.

After getting all of the equipment to create stickers, I started to think of what else I could do.  Creating vinyl decals was always something that had interested me, so I had a go at that. Some of the decals in the store are for raising awareness of two horrible chronic illnesses that are very close to my heart.

As an avid collector of enamel pins for my entire life, it has always been a dream of mine to create a pin of my own. I remember collecting as many pins as I could get my hands on at Disneyland when I was younger, and I was interested in the whole process. Late in 2017, I decided to make that dream a reality. And after much research and many emails to manufacturers, this dream has finally been able to see the light of day! I hope to make more pins in the future, as this process has been incredible rewarding.

I hope to also sell other crafty items as well in the future. I'm sure my kitties (Phantom & Artemis), as well as my axolotls (Smaug & Gajeel), will provide much needed inspiration!

In early 2019, we decided it was time for a new business name and logo. As a lover of the moon, of fire, and all-things silver, 'Moonfire & Silver' was born!

If there is anything in particular that you would like created for you (or even altered from a design already on my store), send me a message and I will try my best to help you out.

Thank you for checking out my store. Every view means the world to me.

From Jessi